Gabriel Paul Tetrev (GPT)

I began my study of ceramics and work at the pottery wheel in 2008 at Terra Incognito Studios, under the direction of David Toan, and as a student at Oak Park River Forest High School, working with Elizabeth “Pennie” Ebsen. Ten years later, I'm working full time as a potter, refining my craft in my own studio, filling commissions, and experimenting with new techniques.

For the last several years I have helped lead Oak Park’s annual Empty Bowls Community Dinner, where students’ handmade bowls are sold to raise awareness and money for charities that combat homelessness and hunger. In 2016, and again in 2017, each event raised more than $12,000.

Viaclay ( and @viaclay), was my moving art project which launched in April 2016. For this art event staged on the streets of Chicago, I made one hundred white porcelain cups and gave them away to passers-by to encourage them to share a crafted object. Each recipient was asked to post their experience with a photo on Instagram before passing the cups on. In the first 60 days, more than a dozen cups passed from person to person, and photos have been posted by recipients sharing the art around the US, and in England, France, and India.